Phase 2 Golf Course

September 15, 2023

October is approaching quickly and will mark the start of Phase 2 renovations to the golf course. Once again, we are excited to announce that LaBar Golf Renovations has been selected for the construction, working directly with course superintendent, Tim Kelly and course architect, Jaeger Kovich. This newsletter will summarize this exciting project with an overview of the planned timeline and details about improvements on the front nine.

Renovations will begin on Monday, October 2nd, 2023, and will include work on holes 3, 4, 5 and 9. The scope of work includes a complete renovation of holes 4 and 5 and for holes 3 and 9, all but the tee boxes.

Sequentially, we plan on having the greens completed by Thanksgiving and the remainder of the work, including bunkers, fairway expansions, tees and irrigation finished by Christmas. Exactly as with Phase I, we will be allowing for grow-in during the winter and early spring.

As a result of the plan, the front 9 will be closed for the duration of construction, through Christmas. The back nine will remain open for play.

After construction and during the grow-in, we plan to open all non-renovated holes until the full golf course is reopened in May. This timeframe will of course be dictated by construction progress and winter and early spring weather. Our goal is to have all eighteen holes open in the first half of May.

Phase 1 Golf Course

May 2023

Week of March 29th, 2023:

As many of you know by now, one of the last tasks of the Phase One Golf Course project is to install drainage in the greens not currently being rebuilt, or scheduled to be rebuilt per the Master Plan. These greens are #1, #3, #7, #8, #9, #11, #14 and #17. To date, drainage has been completed on greens 1, 8 and 11.

During last week's heavy rainfall, as you can see below, the drainage work done by XGD on hole #1 worked extremely well. Comparatively, hole #11 during the same rainfall shows signs of standing water and a much slower surface water runoff. The picture (below right) is of #1 green taken only five minutes after the photo of #11 green. Clearly our efforts are a success!

Members who played on Sunday, March 26th, had the opportunity to notice the difference in the playability of #1 green vs. the rest of the greens. It was dryer, firmer and had a better ball roll.

XGD's drainage pipe on hole #1 during last week's heavy rainfall

Here's a little bit of background on the process

To verify a drainage pattern, each green is surveyed with a transit level (a laser for determining elevations). The sod is carefully cut by hand and put to the side. The lines are then trenched, and the spoils are picked up and taken to the dump. Two-inch perforated pipe is then installed and backfilled with a heavier sand mix containing soil and organic matter.

The sod is carefully placed back in its exact location, tamped by hand, and rolled a few times to perfect the lines. There may be a hump or bump here and there, but those will smooth out as we continue to mow, roll, and add topdressing. This process makes the green look as if nothing had been done. Since the drainage work began, we have been assessing the order in which this process should be completed. We are going to make a push to finish the front nine greens while the weather is still a little colder. The goal is to have them done before opening day next weekend. Number 9 will be the next green to be completed and then we will move to #3 and #7. Once the front nine is complete, XGD will move on to complete drainage on holes #14 and #17, which will occur mid-April and prior to the opening of the back nine.

Thank you,
Tim Kelly
Golf Course Superintendent

Andy Freimuth
Greens Committee Chairman


Phase I Golf Course Overview

Phase I Golf Course Construction – Holes 10, 12, 13, 15 & 16

Enlarge the view to see the areas that will be out of play and not accessible due to permitting requirements. These areas are restricted for both cart and walking traffic. During the construction and grow-in period, Cedarbrook members will have unfettered access to holes one (1) through nine (9) only. Major construction of all primary features is scheduled for completion by December 25th.

Construction walking tours will be offered. Look for notifications announcing these dates and times. For safety and permit compliance, it is imperative that all members stay out of the construction area unless on a guided tour. Maturation including grow-in and hand finishing work is scheduled for completion by opening day. If possible, we will open the back nine holes with temporary pins on the newly constructed holes as a strategy leading up to the grand opening of Phase I.

Please CLICK here for the Phase 1 golf course construction map reflecting access areas, beginning October 17, 2022



If you were unable to make our commencement ceremony have no fear, thanks to intrepid photographer John Moss, you can view it here!

From left to right: Kevin Pinkerton, Tim Kelly, Jaeger Kovich, John DiRosato

From left to right: Trevor O'Brien, Bill Beisel, Kevin Pinkerton, Tom Marcinek, Larry Weiss and Amy Petersen.