Hole 16 - Timeline (Including updates to #14)

Week of January 16th, 2023:

The fairway bunker was deleted on the 14th fairway some time ago and has been sodded. The fairway now expands some 10-15 yards where the bunker was, with some expansion at the bottom of the fairway.

The view from the 14th green.

The view from the front of the fairway.

Week of January 9th, 2023:

LaBar Golf Renovations has had a strong week! Much sod has been laid and we are starting to close out areas. All of #14 and #16 tees have been sodded and tee complexes are complete. The tee sod has been rolled to smooth out imperfections and create sod to soil contact for better rooting. We will continue to roll new tees and approach sod when they are dry enough.

View of #15 and #16 green.

This diagram shows the angle of the sun over the 16th green at different times during the year. Between the deep freeze over the holiday and quick thaw soon after, we noticed that the back of #16 green stayed frozen longer than the front. We resolved the problem by removing a tree. Now the back right section of the green will receive two more hours of sunlight in late fall and early spring.

View from #16 green.

LaBar has also sodded out the bunker delete/fairway expansion on the right side of the 14th hole and begun the fairway expansions on the right side of the 10th hole.

Week of January 1st, 2023:

New drainage trench across #16.

Week of December 18th:

One addition to the scope of work is the deletion of #14 fairway bunker that was a serious penalty for shorter hitters. The fairway behind the bunker will be slightly expanded as well.

#16 tee complex.

Sod being laid for #14 and #16 tee complex.

Week of December 12th:

We've seen continued progress this week with tees starting to take shape, sod getting laid and bunkers getting shaped, drained and sanded. #14 and #16 tee boxes have been filled with mix and laser leveled. Below is a picture from #16 tee to the new green complex. A large tee and deep green have this par 3 playing anywhere from 110 to 190 yards. The blue tee for #11 across the creek and #14 forward tee have been sodded.

Week of December 5th:

With the wet conditions, they have started putting sand in the bunkers close to cart paths. A sand haul road is made with the dumpers and plywood is used on top of the sand to take extra precautions not to compromise the new liner. The Signature Best 900 bunker sand is distributed through the bunker by hand at a 7" depth, then place compacted to 6".

#16 greenside bunker sand installation is complete.

#16 greenside bunker Capcon installation.

Weeks: November 21st and 28th:

Sodding surrounding the #16 green was completed.

Green #16 approach.

Week of November 14th

Phase 1 of the Master Plan continues to progress. Despite two inches of rain this week, we lost only one-half day of work.

The task which took precedence this week was getting the 16th green mix installed and sod replaced. The green was sodded Tuesday and Wednesday, was "plate tamped" for smoothness and sod seams will be filled today. With the cold stretch of weather in the forecast, covers will be back on the greens until Thanksgiving.

As a result of our prudent scheduling and repurposing of sod (transferring from one area to the next), our nursery grass remains untouched.

Week of November 7th

This week was an extremely productive week. More greens are starting to take shape, bunkers are getting built, and sod and irrigation are going in.

The continued reconstruction of the #16 green complex was another highlight. The green is significantly larger with many more pin placements but still retains a lot of movement. Dramatic new bunkers on the left, front and right of the green are being fine-tuned and drainage and irrigation work is underway.

Days 10-13 Update (10/27-11/2):

Demo work has started at the green on hole #16 and greens mix and sand is being stockpiled.