Week of January 1st, 2023:

Warm temperatures this week allowed us to pull tarps off the greens to let them breath. We are very happy with what we are seeing with the color and root initiation. On 12 green, the seams have clearly filled in more than those on 10, showing the impact of the additional two weeks of warmer fall weather they received.

#12 green after tarp was taken off.

Week of December 5th:

All the greens received a shot of fertility and snow mold application. The tarps will stay on the new greens until there is another stretch of warm weather.

#12 green root development.

Weeks: November 21st and 28th:

#12 green finished.

Week of November 7th

This week was an extremely productive week. More greens are starting to take shape, bunkers are getting built, and sod and irrigation are going in. Our biggest achievement this week was last Saturday when LaBar's crew sodded the 12th green. On Monday, Cedarbrook staff "flat plate tamped" the 12th green to smooth out the sod. We followed up by lightly brushing sand into the sod seams, then giving it a heavy shot of hand-watering to float the sand into the remaining low areas.

Also in view is the new large tee box on hole #13 where dirt is being stockpiled.

View from behind #12 with most of the work complete.

Notice the large bunker at the rear of the green on #12.

Days 10-13 Update (10/27-11/2):

12 green is almost ready for the sod to go back down. The subfloor has been prepped, drainage installed, gravel blanket installed, and the mix is down. Irrigation has been started around the green and continues to the 15th fairway. A side angle where the green has been shifted slightly left to avoid the large sycamore tree. A large bunker at the rear of the green will add both aesthetic and shot value.

Also in view is the new large tee box on hole #13 where dirt is being stockpiled.

Days 7, 8 & 9 Update (10/23-10/26):

The 12th green is in the process of being rough graded by Jaeger in the dozer. The green has been moved a few yards to the left to come away from the Sycamore Trees on the right, the right side of the green and the front have more pin positions. The front of the green has been raised 2 feet to alleviate going underwater during flood events and the front of the green has more of a false front. The old tees for 13 have also been demoed and that hillside has been graded and almost ready to seed in fine fescue.

Days 3 and 4 Update:

Days 3 and 4 continued with some more demo work by Labar Golf and shaping of features by Proper Golf.

LaBar has stripped all the sod around 12 green and stripped all of 13 tee complex sod, topsoil has been striped and stored and sub soil is being hauled down to behind the green for building out the new bunker behind the green.